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Were You Injured At Work In New York?

What should you do if you are injured at work or fall ill and discover that your condition was caused because of your work environment or job duties? There are specific steps you can take so you have the best opportunity of recovering full workers’ compensation benefits. A workers’ compensation lawyer at our New York City law firm can assist you in filing your claim and can help you through the entire process; we will be happy to see how we can help you when you call our offices for your free consultation. You will also find helpful tips here.

If You Are Injured At Work, You Should:

  • Seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Unless you require emergency care, you will need to see a health care provider that is authorized by the Workers’ Compensation Board. Your supervisor may be able to help you find the right provider, or you can call 212-233-6528 for more information. If you are suffering from a catastrophic or life-threatening injury, however, make sure you or another person calls 911 immediately.
  • Contact an attorney. It is strongly advised that you contact an attorney as soon as possible in the wake of any work-related accident or injury. A skilled attorney can advise you of your rights and the correct steps to take in informing your employer and filing your claim to receive benefits. A single misstep could hinder your ability to recover full benefits.
  • Notify your supervisor/manager of what occurred. You must notify your supervisor, in writing, of your injury within 30 days of the accident that caused your injury, or in the case of an occupational disease (such as mesothelioma caused by asbestos exposure) within two years of disablement or from the time you knew or should have reasonably known that your illness was work-related.
  • File a claim for workers’ compensation (Form C-3). Fill out this form completely and to the best of your knowledge and mail it to the nearest Workers’ Compensation Board office. If you are already working with an attorney at this point, he or she can help ensure that your claim is properly filled out and filed with the appropriate office. Missing information, suspected fraud and a form that is filed too late may all negatively influence your ability to recover the workers’ compensation benefits you need.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions. After seeking medical treatment, be sure to follow your physician’s instructions to help ensure a speedy recovery.
  • Attend an independent medical examination. If you are required to do so, you will need to attend a medical examination to assess your physical condition.
  • Go back to work. As soon as you are able and have your physician’s approval, you should return to work. It is also important to consult with your lawyer at this stage of the process.
  • Attend any hearings as necessary. It is possible that you will need to attend one or more hearings regarding your claim. If you have an attorney at this point, he or she can represent you at your hearing in order to ensure the full protection of your legal rights.

Should your claim be denied for any reason whatsoever, or should any other issue arise in regard to your claim or benefits, you may have the right to file an appeal? Your attorney can assist you with this as well.

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