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Auto Accidents On The Job? We’ll Explain Your Rights

When an individual is employed, and their job includes driving, such as a courier, taxi driver or another employment and they have been injured in an auto accident, it is crucial to get help from a workers’ comp lawyer. Such accidents can cause terrible injuries or even fatalities, and the individual and families dealing with the situation are under great emotional stress. These cases have legal aspects that require the assistance of a lawyer from Katz, Leidman, Freund & Herman.

The workers’ compensation team at the New York City firm is dedicated to assisting individuals injured on the job in getting compensation for damages in job-related auto accidents. The firm has over 50 years’ experience in fighting for the rights of injured workers. Find out how we can help you in a free consultation with our lawyers.

Get Help Dealing With Insurance Companies

Workers’ compensation is meant to cover injuries that occur on the job. Some positions of employment may not have a traditional space of work, but that does not mean these employees are ineligible for benefits. If you were driving in the job or for a work-related reason, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation.

Some covered injuries occur when:

  • Running an errand for your employer
  • Transporting another employee
  • Making deliveries
  • Drive for a living
  • Traveling for work without an office
  • Paid for travel time

If you were injured simply on your way to or from work, you may be ineligible for workers’ compensation unless you were also running errands for your employer. To discover how you may be able to recover benefits, speaking with an attorney will be in your best interest.

Contact Our Team For A Free Consultation

When a family member is badly injured in a car accident while on the job, the most important factor is recovering your health. Dealing with insurance companies and claims is difficult and confusing. Insurance companies are profit-making corporations and worker’s compensation deals with thousands of claims monthly. Sadly, the individual is often treated like “just another case”. At Katz, Leidman, Freund & Herman, you will always be treated with the respect and dignity you deserve, and the fight for your compensation is understood to be vital to your survival.

When seeking compensation for damages for the injuries you have suffered while on the job in New York, there are many types of claims that can be made on your behalf, depending upon the circumstances of the accident and the degree of damage. Some injuries are life-threatening and may take months, years or even a lifetime of care.

You deserve the best quality medical care and treatment for any job-related injury, and car accidents on the job are no exception. When one dedicates their life and energy to working for a company and is then injured, it is only fair to expect that you will be fairly compensated for the injuries you have suffered.

Contact a New York workers’ compensation attorney from Katz, Leidman, Freund & Herman,​ if you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident on the job.