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Helping You From The Start

In an ideal world, the process of filing an insurance claim would be simple. You would suffer a loss due to an accident, a fire, a theft or some other event, you would file a claim and your insurance company would offer you the compensation you need to recover. Unfortunately, this is often not how the process of filing a claim works.

It may seem too early to work with an attorney immediately to help you file a claim, but that experienced guidance could be the difference between a claim that is accepted quickly and a prolonged conflict over your workers’ compensation claim. At Katz, Leidman, Freund & Herman, our attorneys work with clients in New York at all stages of their claims, and we would be happy to help you review your documentation and help begin the road to recovery

Filing A Claim With The Help Of An Attorney

While you are not required to work with an attorney to file your claim, working with an attorney could give you the experience and insight that you need to file the claim correctly. Your lawyer can help you in a variety of ways, including:

  • Collecting medical records and other evidence of your injury
  • Obtaining doctors’ opinions and recommended treatment options
  • Establishing how much compensation is needed to cover your medical bills and potential future medical expenses

If you have already worked with a lawyer to prepare and file your claim, it can also make resolving a dispute easier down the road. Your attorney will know your claim well if that claim is denied, giving them a good understanding of whether that decision can be appealed and how to appeal it.

With Our Attorneys Today

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