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Workplace Accident Statistics Every Employee Should Know

by | Mar 29, 2012 | Workers' Compensation

A workplace injury can happen to anyone, anywhere, in any line of work. Read the statistics below to learn more about workplace injuries and you’ll see how prevalent wounds of this nature are in the U.S. Studies show that more than 4.1 million people are injured on the job each year. This amounts to nearly 4.4 cases out of 100 workers. This applies to all types of workplaces, from
construction sites to the office. Of those injured, 2 million people will suffer injuries that will be severe enough to keep them from returning to work.

Employees are more likely to be injured at workplaces that employ between 50 and 249 people, or mid-size companies. Businesses that reported the fewest workplace injuries were small companies, those with under 11 employees. A total of $155.5 billion is spent annually on workplace injuries. Since most of these injuries are preventable, that money could be saved if businesses took better care of their employees.

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