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Have You Been Injured in a Construction Accident?

by | May 9, 2011 | Uncategorized

Due to the extensive amount of time that is spent at a job, it is no surprise that work is one of the most common places for a person to sustain injury. Not only from immediate accidents, but also from persisting hazardous conditions, such as constant exposure to dangerous toxins. These can occur at almost every job, even the most benign of desk jobs, however, there is truth in believing that some situations are more dangerous than others.


Construction job sites, for instance, have gained a reputation over the years for being one of the most dangerous places in which a person can work. The heights, heavy machinery and speed at which construction employees work at and with can lead to catastrophic injuries. Some of the most common construction accidents that can occur include the following:

These can all lead to devastating injuries, as well as wrongful death depending on the severity of the accident. When this occurs, the employees have a right to seek benefits under workers’ comp. This is a no-fault benefit system, so regardless of the details of your accident, it is in your best interests to seek legal counsel from a hard-hitting New York workers’ comp lawyer.

Should you choose to contact a New York workplace accident attorney at Katz Leidman Grossman Wolfe & Freund, you will be able to trust knowing that you have a hard-hitting lawyer on your side willing to go the distance for you. It is therefore extremely important that you do not hesitate to contact them today. The sooner that you get them involved, the sooner they will be able to evaluate your case and help you file your claim. So do not waste another moment – call them today.