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Company Stands Trial for Workplace Injury

by | Jul 28, 2011 | Workers' Compensation

While an older man was seriously injured three years ago in a workplace accident, the company responsible is just standing trial for the incident this month.

The workplace injury happened on March 4, 2008 while the 50-year-old victim was working at a Halifax Shipyard. He was harnessed in and working on a dry dock when the equipment broke, dropping the man nearly 6 meters. Following the accident, he was quickly transported to a local hospital and treated for undetermined injuries. Soon after the incident, the Labor Department sent representatives to investigate the scene.

Their research concluded seventeen months later, giving them enough evidence to charge the company, Irving Shipbuilding, with four offenses: failing to ensure that workers in confined spaces wore full body harnesses, failure to provide adequate guardrails, failure to prevent employees from falling, and failure to provide the victim with confined space training.

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