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You Have the Right to a Hearing for Denied Workers’ Compensation

by | Jul 5, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

The steady growth and development of New York are dependent on the employees around the state that give their all to the local economy. From the construction workers who replace old buildings with new, modern structures to the people working in public safety and medicine to keep the community safe and healthy, everyone employed in New York helps contribute to the state’s growth.

Unfortunately, for a small percentage of workers, their employment will be a source of risk. Those who suffer injuries on the job can find themselves unable to earn a living wage and struggling with medical bills. While workers’ compensation insurance theoretically protects people in this situation, some workers with valid claims wind up getting denied.

A claim denial is not the end of the line for an injured worker

Receiving notification that your claim for workers’ compensation wasn’t approved can feel devastating, but you still have options and rights. One of those rights is to appeal the decision or request a review of your claim.

Sometimes, the issue is simply a lack of documentation in your initial claim. Other times, there could have been confusion on the part of the person processing your claim. You have the right to appeal a denial and even to request a hearing in an effort to get the benefits you need.

If you do so, it is usually in your best interest to collect as much evidence as possible prior to that hearing so that you will have enough to convince a judge familiar with workers’ compensation law that your injury occurred at work and that you have met the qualifications for a claim. An experienced attorney can provide valuable guidance if you are disputing a claim denials.