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You Can Get Injured with a Hardhat On 

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Construction Accidents

Construction workers have all sorts of protective gear that they wear on the job. This may include reflective vests to keep from being struck by vehicles, for instance, or eye protection when using power tools. The most iconic piece of equipment, though, is simply the hardhat. A ubiquitous feature of almost every construction site, workers consider this just another part of the uniform. 

The reasoning is simple: One of the top reasons for worksite injuries is when workers are struck by objects. For instance, a worker on the ground could be hit with falling shingles when roofers above begin to tear them off. A worker in a high-rise could be struck by a power drill that accidentally gets kicked over the edge. During the demo stage of a project, debris could rain down as the team works. This is a constant threat. 

A hardhat can help with these injuries. It can lessen the impact, protect the skull from fractures and lacerations, and make it so that workers live through what would otherwise have been deadly accidents. 

That said, you can absolutely still get injured with a hardhat on. A hard enough impact could cause a concussion, for example. When your head moves violently, your brain can strike the inside of the skull. This is an “invisible” injury, as there may be no outward signs, but it can lead to dizziness, memory loss and many other serious symptoms. Enough concussions may even lead to life-long symptoms that never fully heal.

This goes to show why, even when you have the right safety gear, you can still get hurt on the job. Be sure you know what legal options you have