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Workers’ Compensation Explained

by | Nov 1, 2011 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a state-by-state insurance program that provides workers with monetary awards and/or benefits if they suffer work-related injuries, illnesses, or accidents. A variety of different circumstances can lead to a person qualifying for workers’ compensation. Common injuries that lead to a workers’ compensation claims include back problems, slip-and-fall accidents, broken bones, lung disorders, eyesight deterioration, and cancer.

Serious long-term illnesses are usually the result of poor working conditions in factories, mines, or other hazardous workplaces. But injuries can also occur in typical office settings and lead to serious impairment.

If you think that you might have a valid workers’ compensation claim, you might be entitled to payments for your medical care expenses, rehabilitation expenses, replacement of your income if your injury permanently affects your ability to work, compensation for training for a new position, or disability payments of up to two thirds of your current wages.

The best way to ensure that your workers compensation claim is handled carefully and that you receive all the benefits you are entitled to is to work with an experienced New York workers’ compensation attorney. To learn more, contact Katz Leidman Grossman Wolfe & Freund now!