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Workers’ Compensation Board Regulation Change Raises Concerns

by | Jun 2, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

Workers’ compensation covers a wide variety of fields, from surgery to rehabilitation costs. It also helps to cover doctor’s visits for ongoing care.

According to CNY Central, a proposed change seeks to limit the number of telehealth visits by requiring more in-person visits for beneficiaries of workers’ compensation, regardless of the condition they need treated.

A boost in telehealth needs

Telehealth previously represented less than 1% of care for mental health concerns but in the past two years has seen an increase to as much as 40% of visits. This sudden jump caused the Workers’ Compensation Board to reevaluate how to regulate telehealth visits.

One woman in the report notes how useful it is to have telehealth visits as an option. Leaving the house is sometimes difficult, due to her psychological conditions as a result of a workplace shooting in 2018.

The Board, however, seeks to require all workers’ compensation cases to have one in every three visits be in-office. While physical examinations are important for physical injuries and recovery, it is less necessary for psychological injury. Some believe this may put undue hurt and stress on those who benefit from remote services.

A solution in confusing times

Workers’ compensation claims can be incredibly complex. As evidenced by the woman in the report, they may continue on for several years through recovery. Anyone starting a compensation claim or relying on one when New York’s Workers’ Compensation Board decides to change things should prepare to adapt. Adapting to new requirements or appealing against them may go easier with helpful resources from those who understand how to navigate this complicated topic.