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Workers’ Comp Lawyer Serving New York

by | Mar 23, 2011 | Workers' Compensation

Despite how terrifying and daunting your work-related injury may appear, you must consult with only the most experienced and knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyers immediately.

Whether you have sustained neck and back injuries, knee, shoulder or elbow injuries, a slip and fall injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, gas, asbestos or toxic exposure, or a vision or hearing loss on the job, you can find a claim through workers’ compensation.

Dealing with an array of accidents, including construction accidents and auto accidents on the job, the workers’ comp lawyers at Katz Leidman Grossman Wolfe & Freund are here to help.

The aggressive yet compassionate legal team at the firm even fights on behalf of victims of fatal work accidents throughout many New York communities, including New York City, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.

For all of your work-related accidents and injuries, do not wait another minute longer to the secure legal guidance necessary to find a maximum settlement. Contact a New York workers’ compensation lawyer at Katz Leidman Grossman Wolfe & Freund today.