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Why Would an Employer Not Send You to a Doctor After an Accident?

by | Mar 7, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

After suffering an accident on the clock, you expect your employer to send you to the doctor for an examination. If that does not happen, you could wonder why.

Chron explains why companies may neglect to ensure injured workers receive medical care. Find out if your company may violate your rights and break workers’ compensation laws.

Avoid higher insurance premiums

Just like you may avoid filing an auto insurance claim because you do not want to risk increased premiums, the same applies to companies who refuse to report workplace injuries or let injured employees see a doctor. State law requires companies to let harmed employees see authorized medical providers. Employers must also file injury reports with their compensation provider. If they do neither after a workplace injury, they could become non-compliant.

No coverage

Perhaps your company does not have workers’ comp, which is why you did not see a physician after your work-related injury. If your employer meets the latest workers’ comp guidelines, it must cover workers and their injuries. If you work for a self-employed individual, she or he may not have to carry workers’ comp, or she or he may not need coverage at all.

Repetitive or mild harm

While you may feel you sustained a major injury that needs immediate medical attention, your boss may think otherwise. Some injuries, such as chemical exposure and repetitive motion injuries, do not seem intense at first, but they may have extensive (and expensive) long-term results if left untreated.

Do not let your employer get away with violating your rights and denying you medical care when you need it.