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What Costs Could an Injured Worker Face?

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Lifting a heavy object could cause an immediate injury, and now a New York worker finds him or herself facing recovery time. Some workers might feel additional worries beyond concerns about healing: They may think about the medical expenses and other bills. Unfortunately, some workers do not realize the full scope of their expenses until after an injury occurs and bills pile up.

Don’t overlook expenses associated with injuries

Injury costs may fall under the expected and the unexpected. Workers likely have to deal with medical bills and lost wages, so health insurance and some savings may assist with those costs. An approved workers’ compensation claim may keep someone from taking too much from their savings.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks about hidden costs. Hidden costs could involve medical expenses not covered by an insurance policy. In addition, a worker could suffer an injury so severe that he or she can’t return to the same job as before. Future job prospects may pay less, which might be the case if a worker’s duty ends up drastically reassigned.

Other matters to consider

Even putting a worker’s compensation claim together might come with unexpected costs. Compiling all the necessary evidence may prove expensive. For some workers, these and other expenses may lead them to look into additional compensation for their losses.

Possibilities may exist for injury victims to file a lawsuit for extra expenses. If a third party caused the injury, then a lawsuit strategy may still be on the table. The same could be true if an employer’s deliberate actions lead to harm.

Those suffering from workplace injuries might find value in discussing their case with a worker’s compensation attorney. An attorney may advise on the filing process or assist with appeals. The attorney might explain civil suit options as well.