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What are Some Workplace Eye Injuries That Can Happen in New York?

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Workplace Injuries

Workplace accidents and injuries can come in many different forms depending on the type of job you perform. Some of the most devastating can be workplace eye injuries, which might leave you out of work for months at a time or even leave you blind.

What are some common workplace eye injuries?

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health says that 2,000 workers sustain a workplace eye injury every day. Most jobs that could damage the eyes require workers to wear eye protection, which prevents about 90% of eye injuries.

With that being said, this doesn’t completely eliminate the risk of workplace accidents that cause eye injuries. In general, it’s recommended that workers with the following eye hazards at the workplace wear safety goggles:

  • Projectiles including dust, metal, concrete, wood, etc.
  • Chemicals that can enter the eye from splashes or fumes
  • Radiation from visible light, ultraviolet radiation, heat, infrared radiation and lasers
  • Pathogens such as HIV or hepatitis from blood and body fluids

There are different types of eye protection for each of these hazards. For example, chemicals might require goggles that create an airtight seal around your eye whereas lasers and radiation might just require high-strength safety glasses.

What if you suffer from an eye injury?

Generally, there are protections that your work is required to provide in order to prevent workplace eye injuries. Even with these protections in place, it’s still possible to sustain an eye injury on the job, particularly when the wrong safety equipment is used. In addition, there are jobs that put your eyes under considerable strain that might cause an injury over time.

If you’ve sustained a workplace eye injury due to lack of proper eye protection, then reach out to a lawyer today to see if you are eligible to collect workers’ compensation. You might be able to collect benefits even if you were at fault for the injury.