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What are Some Warning Signs of a Traumatic Brain Injury?

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Workers' Compensation, Workplace Injuries

A falling piece of metal that hits your head or an item left out on a scaffold that causes you to fall can leave you with a serious head injury.

In the days or weeks after this incident, you may act differently than you did before. Learning about the signs of brain trauma can help you if you feel confused and anxious.

Lack of focus

According to the Mayo Clinic, when you go about your daily life, you may start to notice an increase in headaches and trouble with balancing. Whether you are lying down or standing up, you could feel overwhelmed by voices and sounds and struggle with dizziness.

Continuing physical issues could make it hard to hold conversations and focus on work. Although these sensory problems could start off as mild, they could grow and become more dangerous as time goes on.

Shifting moods and reactions

If you find yourself taking more risks and getting into increasingly extreme situations, you could suffer from a traumatic brain injury. You may have less awareness of what is socially acceptable due to this blow to your head.

It could feel harder to read other people’s moods and understand body language. You may come away from conversations continually feeling confused or frustrated.

Strange tastes or bodily fluids

No matter what you eat, you may taste a bit of bitterness or smell odd scents after this injury. You could even see clear liquid or fluid sometimes coming out of your nose.

When you begin noticing these symptoms, it could help you to think seriously about what steps to take after an injury at work.