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What Accident Risks Do Warehouse Workers Face?

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Workplace Injuries

A crowded warehouse could be a busy New York workplace as people, equipment and vehicles continually come and go. Warehouse employees might find the work rewarding, but this environment comes with risks. Specific injuries are common among warehouse professionals.

Injuries often seen in a warehouse

Pallets play an essential role in a warehouse since these wooden structures serve as stationary storage components, and they allow forklifts to move things more easily. Unfortunately, items not carefully placed on pallets racks could lead to falling objects and injured personnel. Aged pallets might break under stress when overloaded on a forklift, creating another chance for injury.

In addition to pallet injuries, slip and fall accidents often happen in warehouses. Everything from a slippery floor to extension cables strewn about may cause someone to suffer a bad fall.

Workplace safety training might help workers avoid mishaps related to pallets and slip and fall accidents. It’s helpful for employers to establish policies to cut down on increased risks. However, even the best intentions can’t prevent all injuries.

Other injury issues at warehouses

When a warehouse stores chemicals or puts workers in proximity to live electrical wires, toxic chemicals or hazardous fumes, many things could go wrong. An old warehouse might even have an asbestos problem that management does not know about.

Ultimately, there could be many potential causes for workplace accidents. Injured workers may wonder about how to take civil action or file a workers’ compensation claim. Concerns over financial burdens from being out of work may drive such actions.

An attorney may help a warehouse employee file a workers’ comp claim. The attorney might also review the case to determine if any civil actions are possible.