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Tips for Dock Workers to Stay Safe on the Job

by | Jun 18, 2021 | Workplace Injuries

Workplace accidents occur every single day in New York in all different industries. Dock workers are no exception to that rule. If you work on a loading dock, there are a whole set of challenges you face while performing the regular tasks of your job. Although not every accident or injury can be predicted or prevented, there are some tips you can use to stay as safe as possible.

Tips for dock workers to stay safe while working

A big part of staying safe while working on the dock involves being proactive. Workplace accidents often occur when workers aren’t safe while driving on the loading dock. One way to prevent collisions is to ensure there are clear markings directing traffic. Enforcing a set speed limit and having traffic lights set up can also prevent workplace accidents on loading docks.

Two of the most common workplace accidents that occur on the loading dock are drive-aways and trailer creeps. Drive-aways happen when someone operating a vehicle moves away from the dock when workers are inside or near a trailer. Trailer creeps occur when there’s a gap through which workers can fall when a truck moves slightly away from the dock. To prevent drive-aways, drivers should remain only in a specific, designated area while things are being unloaded from the trailer. To prevent trailer creeps, a wheel restraint should be used to keep the vehicle securely against the dock.

Slips and falls are also common workplace accidents on docks. Floors should be kept clean and free of any hazards. The work area should also always be kept well-lit.