Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Won For Injured New Yorkers

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The Total Cost of Workplace Injuries

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Workplace Injuries

Work-related injuries can cost employers and employees in New York a lot of money. According to the 2021 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, the cost of workplace injuries in 2018 was $58.6 billion for all U.S. employers. That means U.S. employers paid a combined total of $1 billion per week to cover lost wages and medical expenses for injured employees.

Common workplace injuries

Certain types of work-related injuries happen more frequently and account for the largest percentage of workers’ compensation costs. The most common type of workplace injury, according to researchers, is overexertion. Next on the list are injuries caused by falls to the same level followed by falls to a lower level, struck-by an object, and awkward posture injuries.

Injuries can cost workers too

On-the-job injuries can be financially devastating for employees who are not covered by workers’ compensation insurance. When workers are recovering from an injury, the days off the job can add up. In some cases, individuals who are covered by workers’ compensation insurance don’t file a claim when they should. This can happen when workers don’t realize that a cumulative injury they sustained was work-related.

Compensation for workplace injuries

Most workplace injuries are compensable under workers’ compensation insurance. If a third party was involved in a workplace accident, an injured worker may also be able to file a separate personal injury claim. The workers’ comp program may also help an employee recover compensation for a cumulative injury, such as hearing loss, that may have been caused by work conditions. In any case, it’s important to gather evidence that the injury occurred due to on-the-job tasks, and the worker must submit all documents by the relevant deadline.