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The Most Common Workplace Injuries

by | Jan 4, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Workplace injuries occur in a variety of workplaces throughout New York, including construction sites, offices and manufacturing facilities. Most injuries that occur in the workforce are nonfatal and allow for a workers’ comp claim so the employee can receive reimbursement. There are three primary causes of these nonfatal injuries: overexertion, falls and contact with harmful objects.

Bodily exertion

Whole-body injuries from overexertion are the leading cause of workplace injuries that lead to workers’ comp claims. These injuries often occur in warehouse or manufacturing industries where heavy lifting is a job duty. Middle-aged individuals file the most claims for overexertion. Causes of back pain and bodily strains include repetitive activities, heavy lifting and pushing heavy objects.


The second most common cause of workplace injuries are falls, which can include trips and slips, too. Seniors who work in manufacturing, a warehouse or farming operations are the most likely workers to receive injuries from falls. Injuries include:

  • Sprains
  • Bruises
  • Breaks and fractures
  • Muscle tears

It’s important to note that you can receive these injuries even if you do not fall all the way to the ground; they can also occur in the process of catching yourself.

Contact with harmful objects

Another common cause of workplace injury is contact with harmful objects, including chemicals. Younger employees in the farming, construction, biochemical and manufacturing industries, including teenagers and young adults, are the most likely to file a workers’ comp claim for these injuries. Contact injuries can also come from a moving object, compression between objects and bumps into an object.

Final thoughts

No matter the industry you work in, you may face an injury due to one of the causes above. It is important to file a workers’ comp claim as soon as possible after the injury to receive your compensation. Contact a lawyer you can trust to hear your concerns and assist you through the claims process.