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NY Supermarket Manager is Owed Workers’ Comp Benefits after Alleged Affair with a Co-Worker

by | Aug 15, 2014 | Workers' Comp Benefits, Workers' Compensation

In November of 2007, a man, here referred to as A.M., was working as an assistant store manager for Hannaford Brothers Co. supermarket in upstate New York. A.M. allegedly made a phone call to a co-worker at her home to discuss a matter that was work-related. After the phone call, the co-worker’s husband became convinced that A.M. and his wife were involved in a romantic relationship. He then began making threatening and harassing conduct against A.M.

The co-worker’s husband then contacted A.M.’s supervisor about the alleged affair. This led to an internal investigation by the employer, which ultimately led to A.M. requesting to transfer to another store. A.M. claimed to have preexisting post-traumatic stress disorder, which was re-triggered from the harassment inflicted upon by the co-worker’s husband.

This is when A.M. filed a claim to receive workers’ compensation benefits. The employer argued that his injury was not related to his employment; however, the judge determined that it was in fact work-related. The claimant is now owed workers’ compensation benefits due to his PTSD which was aggravated due to the co-worker’s husband’s threatening behavior.

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