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Keeping Up with Doctor Visits May Avoid a Hearing

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Workplace Injuries

After you get hurt on the job, you should begin the process of obtaining workers’ compensation coverage. Carrying out initial steps like notifying your employer about your injury may convince your employer’s insurance carrier of the validity of your claim. However, this does not mean the insurer will not contest your claim later after your coverage has started.

The New York State website points out that an insurer may have various reasons to deny coverage to a claimant. For example, an insurer may doubt that you have an injury. This is why you need medical records from your doctor to prove that you need treatment. However, you must remember to keep your medical information up to date.

Requirements for coverage

You have various responsibilities to keep up your coverage, which include duties related to your care. You should follow your doctor’s instructions so your recovery can progress. You should also make sure your doctor sends the relevant medical information to the New York State Insurance Fund and the state Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB).

Problems may emerge if you do not maintain a current medical file. This might happen if you stop visiting your doctor or health provider. If you are out of work and receiving coverage, you must update the medical records in your file at least every three months.

The possibility of a hearing

Expect your employer’s insurer to be on the lookout for any sign that you are no longer in need of coverage. If your medical file is not up to date, the insurer might take the opportunity to contest your claim for further coverage. This could lead to the WCB scheduling a hearing to determine if your payments should continue.

You do not need the added anxiety of defending your coverage before a workers’ compensation law judge while you are still out of work and on the mend. While some situations may not allow you to avoid a hearing, regularly visiting your doctor to keep your medical records current may be one way that you can prevent an undesirable outcome.