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Injured Employee Relentlessly Fights to Protect Their Rights

by | Dec 27, 2010 | Workers' Compensation

In a recent case for workers’ compensationZamora v New York Neurologic, an employee relentlessly fought to protect their rights after a workplace accident. After suffering an injury in the workplace, the employee left work due to the injuries sustained. Nevertheless, when she filed for workers’ compensation, it was ruled that she had voluntarily withdrawn from the labor market, releasing her former employer from any obligation to pay compensation to her.

In a recent review of the case, however, the decision was reversed by the court, stating that due to an existing permanent disability and her additional injuries, she had not voluntarily removed herself from the market. This resulted in the claimant receiving additional compensation for her injuries until it was determined that she was no longer a part of the labor market.

If you have suffered an injury in the workplace and are filing for workers’ compensation or have been denied workers’ compensation, it may be possible to still receive compensation if there are circumstances allowing the decision to be reversed. At Katz Leidman Grossman Wolfe & Freund, we are dedicated to helping our clients with their workers’ comp cases and will do everything possible to ensure your unique case has the attention and aggressive work needed to give it a significantly improved chance at a successful outcome. Do not hesitate to contact a New York workers’ compensation lawyer at their firm today to learn more about how they can help you with your case.