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How Does Telecommunicating Impact Workers’ Compensation Coverage?

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

In recent years and likely into the future, telecommuting will take up a more significant part of the workforce than ever before. This comes with many benefits for workers and employers alike. At the same time, however, it can come with unexpected complications.

For example, many people have queries about whether or not workers’ compensation continues applying in the event that an employee can work from home instead.

Laws for compensating remote employees

The Council for Disability Awareness discusses workers’ compensation for remote employees. The first thing to note is whether or not the company in question covers remote employees in the first place. Under the current laws of the state, this is not a mandatory requirement for coverage. Obviously, if the employer does not offer coverage, it is not possible to receive it.

Factors needed to pursue a case

But what happens if they do? In this scenario, it is essentially more important to determine when and where the accident occurred, rather than working on proving that an accident happened at all. Coverage will likely only extend to an injured employee via work-from-home employment if they suffered from the injury at home while undertaking work that benefitted their employer in some way. If they were not working at the time of the incident, it will not count toward benefits.

It is generally much harder for an injured employee to prove their case when it involves working from home rather than working on the premise of a job site, however. It is important for anyone seeking legal action to understand that, and the potential difficulties they may face in the battle to gain compensation.