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How Can Coworkers Cause Accidents for You On a Scaffold?

by | Sep 24, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Constructing a building is often a dangerous task, especially when it requires the use of a scaffold.

Relying on the people around you to follow the rules and use their tools safely is important, but accidents and negligence can sometimes happen.

Rushing to finish

According to the United States Department of Labor, a coworker could make serious mistakes when they rush to finish parts of a scaffold or put boards down in a hurry. This lack of attention to detail can cause the scaffold to collapse under the weight of another person.

These coworkers may also fail to put on railings or other necessary safety features that you could need to use to prevent a fall. An accident on a scaffold can lead to a spinal cord injury or brain trauma. Loose wires that stick out and are not properly maintained can cause electrocution burns and serious physical injuries.

Dropping objects

Dropping heavy items, as well as placing a tool in an unsecured spot on a scaffold, are both bad ideas when other people are on a scaffold. Coworkers who do not protect people below them from heavy objects or debris may be the cause of any head and back injuries.

Disregarding rules

Inexperienced and thrill-seeking coworkers can put you in harm’s way and potentially cause the scaffold to collapse. If they do not properly construct the platforms or accidentally push you off, their actions could lead to lasting physical injuries.

Being aware of how dangerous other people’s actions can be while working is important if an accident happens.