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How Can Construction Companies Prevent Electrocution Accidents?

by | Oct 25, 2022 | Construction Accidents, Workers' Comp Benefits, Workers' Compensation, Workplace Injuries

Working in construction can be a dangerous occupation, but your employer and the construction company do have an obligation to protect employees and contractors as much as possible. Electrocution accidents can result in catastrophic injuries.

According to the CDC, the construction company must do everything reasonable to prevent electrocution.

Common causes of electrocution at construction sites

Many accidents in construction occur because of a lack of oversight or training. Most of the electrocutions in the construction industry happen because an employee has direct or indirect contact with electrical equipment and wiring. For instance, live electricity can result in catastrophic electrocution accidents while installing light fixtures, control panels or circuit breakers. Other causes of electrocution include contact with power lines.

Prevention of electrocution at construction sites

The construction company you work for must prevent injuries involving electricity. When the company fails to meet its obligations, it may be responsible for any injuries or complications that result from the electricity accident. First, the company must comply with OSHA’s standards and train all employees to follow OSHA’s standards. New workers, including apprentices and young workers, should have ample training to maximize their safety.

Proper planning must go into using temporary electric power on construction sites. The company should map out all power lines, including underground ones, to prevent accidental contact. Utility companies may need to de-energize the lines for construction workers. All electrical equipment needs to be double insulated or grounded. Likewise, all tools and cords should have proper inspections to ensure no damage.

Teaching employees to practice caution and to de-energize equipment before repair can save people from suffering severe injuries as a result of an electric accident.