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How a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Help You

by | Dec 22, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

When individuals suffer from work-related injuries or illnesses, they are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. However, navigating the legalities and complexities of a workers’ compensation claim can be challenging without proper guidance. Many claimants find themselves facing denied claims or insufficient compensation, leaving them in a difficult financial and emotional situation.

This is where a workers’ compensation attorney can be a valuable asset. With their expertise in workers’ compensation laws, they can help you navigate the claim process, protect your rights, and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to. If you’re wondering how a workers’ compensation attorney can assist you, this article will provide you with the information you need.

A Workers’ Compensation Attorney’s Role

At Katz, Leidman, Freund & Herman, our dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys play a pivotal role in advocating for individuals navigating the complexities of workplace injury claims. Here’s how our team assists you:

Initial Consultation and Case Evaluation

Our attorneys provide a thorough evaluation during the initial consultation. We assess the specifics of your case, including the circumstances of the injury and its impact on your work and life.

Guidance and Legal Expertise

We offer comprehensive guidance through every step of the workers’ compensation process. Our team educates you on your rights, explains the legal procedures, and advises on the best course of action.

Gathering Evidence and Documentation

We assist in gathering pertinent evidence crucial to your case, such as medical records, accident reports, and witness statements. This meticulous documentation strengthens your claim.

Negotiations and Representation

Our attorneys engage in negotiations with insurance companies and employers to ensure you receive fair compensation. Should your case proceed to hearings or trials, we provide steadfast representation.

Maximizing Your Benefits

We work diligently to maximize your benefits, including compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, vocational rehabilitation, and disability benefits.

Compassionate Support

Beyond legal representation, we offer compassionate support. Our team understands the emotional and financial stress following a workplace injury. We stand by you throughout the process.

Our commitment at Katz, Leidman, Freund & Herman is to advocate tirelessly for your rights and secure the compensation you deserve following a workplace injury.

What Practice Areas Do Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Handle?

How a Workers' Compensation Attorney Can Help You

At Katz, Leidman, Freund & Herman, our attorneys are experienced and can support you through the legal process involving these cases:

Our team can help you review your case, discuss your options, and choose the course of action that will get the support you need. Call our firm at 646-439-3003 or contact us online to learn more.

When Do You Need a Lawyer?

At Katz, Leidman, Freund & Herman, we understand the pivotal moments when seeking legal representation can significantly impact your workers’ compensation claim. But how do you know when you need legal assistance?

Complex Claim Denials or Disputes

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied or disputed by your employer or their insurance company, our experienced attorneys step in. We navigate the complexities, offering legal guidance to challenge denials and resolve disputes.

Injuries Resulting in Disability

For injuries resulting in temporary or permanent disability that affect your ability to work, our team assists in securing appropriate compensation. We advocate for your rights to ensure you receive fair benefits for your disability.

Lack of Cooperation or Retaliation

Should your employer show reluctance to cooperate, retaliate against you for filing a claim, or threaten termination, seeking legal counsel is crucial. Our attorneys protect your rights against any form of employer retaliation.

Complexities in the Legal Process

Navigating the workers’ compensation process can be intricate. If you’re unsure about the legal steps, deadlines, or documentation required, consulting with our knowledgeable attorneys can alleviate the confusion.

Maximizing Benefits

Working with our attorneys ensures you maximize the benefits you rightfully deserve. We analyze your case comprehensively to secure compensation for medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, and other entitlements.

Peace of Mind and Support

Having a legal advocate from Katz, Leidman, Freund & Herman by your side provides peace of mind. Our compassionate team offers support, guiding you through the legal complexities while focusing on your recovery.

Common Workers’ Comp Claim Denials

At Katz, Leidman, Freund & Herman, our experienced attorneys are well-versed in addressing various reasons for workers’ compensation claim denials. Understanding these common denials is essential:

Lack of Timely Reporting

Employers or insurance companies may deny claims if injuries are not reported promptly. Our attorneys emphasize the importance of reporting workplace injuries immediately to ensure timely documentation.

Disputes Over Causation

Some claims are denied due to disputes regarding whether the injury occurred in the workplace or is work-related. Our legal team assists in providing evidence to establish the causal link between the injury and work duties.

Pre-existing Conditions

Insurance companies might attribute injuries to pre-existing conditions, leading to claim denials. We work diligently to demonstrate how work exacerbated or worsened pre-existing conditions, making them compensable.

Failure to Receive Medical Treatment

Claim denials can occur if individuals fail to seek medical treatment or follow prescribed care. Our attorneys emphasize the importance of adhering to medical advice to avoid potential claim denials.

Missed Filing Deadlines

Workers’ compensation claims have specific deadlines for filing. Missing these deadlines can result in claim denials. Our team ensures all required paperwork and filings are completed within the stipulated timeframes.

Insufficient Evidence or Documentation

Insufficient or inconsistent evidence/documentation can lead to claim denials. Our attorneys gather comprehensive evidence, including medical records and witness statements, to support your claim.

At Katz, Leidman, Freund & Herman, we advocate vigorously to challenge these common denials and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the workers’ compensation claim process.

Get the Help You Deserve Today

If you have been injured at work, the sooner you contact an attorney, the better. However, if you are reluctant to seek legal assistance, don’t worry. We can still help you recover financially and obtain the benefits to which you are entitled.

At Katz, Leidman, Freund & Herman, we understand that a workers’ compensation claim can be daunting. Our attorneys have years of experience with the process and are dedicated to helping you obtain the maximum settlement possible. Contact us today to discuss your legal options.