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Hearing Protections for Construction Workers

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Construction workers are around loud machines throughout their working hours. The constant exposure to these noises can lead to hearing loss over time. Because of this, construction companies should have a hearing conservation program for these workers.

In order to have a suitable program, the company must monitor the noise level at the job sites. If a worker is exposed to 85 decibels or higher consistently through their 8-hour shift, they are at an increased risk of suffering from permanent hearing loss.

Sometimes, the issue is that the equipment being used is older and has a louder sound than more up-to-date options. Many pieces of heavy equipment being manufactured now have noise dampening qualities that help with hearing protection.

Companies may be able to buffer some of the sound by using temporary measures. Things like using plywood as a barrier can help some, but workers may also need to have hearing protection to help keep the risks to a minimum.

Hearing protection is required if a worker has to deal with noise that’s at a time weight average of 85 dBA for their 8-hour shift. The protection should cut down the noise enough that it’s at permissible levels throughout the shift.

Companies also need to ensure that employees are properly trained on how to protect their hearing as they’re working. Even knowing how to wear auditory protection equipment properly can help preserve their hearing.

Workers who suffer from hearing loss at work can opt to pursue a claim for workers’ compensation. This can help them get the medical care they need, and it can also provide other benefits. Sometimes, appeals are necessary to get the benefits you deserve.