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Frequently Seen Workplace Injuries

by | Aug 2, 2021 | Workplace Injuries

Job site injuries can be devastating for workers in New York City and the surrounding areas. Understanding which kinds of workplace injuries are the most common can be one step in helping to prevent them. Often, workplace injuries caused by things like falling objects could be predicted and eliminated if employers were acting responsibly.

Common workplace risks

One of the biggest risks in any workplace is the people there. There are trends in human behavior, but it’s never totally predictable. Incidents of workplace violence, for example, are often listed in the top 10 causes of on-the-job injuries.

Most other major causes of workplace injuries are predictable and preventable. For example, repetitive motion injuries are very common. These can involve people who lift or pull in a certain position every shift. Repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome may also affect office workers who type or hairdressers who use the same cutting motion all day. Employers can help prevent this kind of injury by promoting ergonomic devices, stretching, and rotating workers across different tasks.

Other injuries might be caused by things like falls, slips, and trips. Proper job training and good workplace maintenance are crucial in preventing these types of injuries. Employees should know how to safely use a ladder, and for some machines, harnesses to keep them from falling may be appropriate. Preventing workplace accidents can improve employee morale, in addition to reducing costs to employers.

Workers’ compensation is designed to help people replace some of their income when a job-related injury has put them out of work. The benefits can be a huge boon to a family when a wage earner isn’t healthy enough to do their job.