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Elevator Worker Suffers Electric Shock Injuries

by | Feb 13, 2013 | Workers' Compensation

An unidentified man working on an elevator in a luxury apartment building in Murray Hill was badly shocked while on the job. The location of the building was near E. 34th and Madison Avenue, and took place in the afternoon of January 31, 2013. EMS came to the scene and transported the worker to the Weill Cornell Medical Burn Center, where he was listed in serious condition.

An electrical accident can lead to severe burns and death. Those that work in any field, including elevator repair, can be at risk of injury if there is an electrical problem with the unit, or when their work exposes them to electrical wires, tools or equipment with short circuits or other dangers. The burns can be so serious that the worker can be permanently disfigured, disabled, or the injuries could be fatal.

In any case of an electrical accident while on the job, the injured person has the right to get the benefits due under workers’ compensation. If the injuries are permanent, the situation is grim for both the victim and the family. All matters related to compensation should be addressed by a highly skilled New York workers’ comp attorney, as there could be third parties that are liable and could be forced to pay damages beyond what will be paid through workers’ compensation benefits.

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