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Do Restaurant Workers Face Serious Injury Risks?

by | Oct 4, 2021 | Workplace Injuries

Anyone who works in the food service industry may face injury risks. Although customers in a New York restaurant might notice how hectic things might be, they might not know the workers face dangers preparing and serving food. One miscue could lead to a serious injury, even when everyone tries to be careful. Ultimately, working in a diner, cafeteria, take-out establishment, or another food service establishment may lead to unexpected harm.

The injury risks for food service professionals

Food service workers might find injury risks everywhere. If a chef loses concentration for a second he or she may suffer a severe burn. The same applies to any worker near heat sources, such as flames or boiling cooking oil. Second or even third-degree burns could result, leaving the worker experiencing significant pain and recovery time.

Burn wounds aren’t the only common injuries someone may face. Not surprisingly, many workers slip and fall on the job. Restaurants and other food-related businesses may experience wet floors due to spills or even mop-ups. Deliver persons who leave boxes of food items in people’s paths could contribute to workplace accidents. Persons hurt by a third party, such as a delivery person or customer, may be able to collect workers comp and file a lawsuit against the negligent individual.

Other dangers in restaurants

Restaurant workers perform a great deal of cutting. Whether using sharp knives to cut meats or vegetables or relying on a box cutter to open delivery items, the chances of lacerations and punctions exist. Deep cuts may require stitches, and there could be a chance of an infection.

Sprains and strains could incapacitate a worker, as years of heavy lifting may take their toll. When hurt, workers might need to seek both medical and financial assistance to deal with their troubles.