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Do Health Care Professionals Face Slip-and-Fall Risks?

by | May 21, 2021 | Healthcare, Workplace Injuries

Health care workers run into many occupational risks that those outside the profession may never consider. Most people realize that a registered nurse, a physical therapist, or another professional could contract a virus from exposure to patients. Not everyone understands that a New York facility may present scores of slip-and-fall hazards. Even a “small fall” could lead to broken bones or worse.

Slip-and-fall accidents in health care settings

A patient could accidentally spill a cup of orange juice, and an attendant may slip as a result. Mishaps like that happen, even when the worker tries to be mindful of such things. Often, a health care professional may deal with distractions that take attention away from safety. A worker might avoid an injury for years, but good fortune could run out.

Something as seemingly insignificant as poor lighting could cause a fall. Visibility may lead someone not to see an object strewn on the floor. Cables, wires, and cords are commonplace in health care settings, and people could trip over them.

Sometimes, the floor itself is a danger. Both inside and outside a facility, damaged floors may cause falls. Cracked concrete in a parking lot might not receive repairs in time, and someone gets hurt.

Hazards lurk in many places

The act of walking into a building has its dangers. New York does deal with snowstorms and cold weather. Icy parking lots may lead to worker woes. And parking lots could be dangerous 365 days out of the year, thanks to reckless drivers.

Broken handrails inside and outside a building may contribute to workplace accidents. Again, repair work might not occur in time to prevent an accident.

While no one wants to get hurt, injured health care professionals could take solace in an approved worker’s compensation claim. Not all worker’s compensation claims go smoothly, though. Anyone struggling to receive benefits may wish to consult with an attorney.