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Demolition Injuries

by | Aug 28, 2013 | Construction Accidents, Workers' Compensation

Demolition is a dangerous industry that provides plenty of opportunities for serious construction accidents and injuries. In fact, OSHA writes that demolition involves many of the same dangers that are found in construction activities. Demolition also involves a variety of other hazards because of the presence of lead-based paint, sharp and protruding objects, or asbestos-containing materials.

It is important that contractors make sure to brace or shore up the walls and floors of any damaged structures that demolition teams will need to enter. Also, workers need to inspect all personal protective equipment before use and make sure that they are utilized properly throughout the demolition process.

It is important that individuals select, wear, and use all appropriate personal protective equipment for their tasks, and inspect all stairs, passageways and ladders to make sure that they will not break when being used for demolition. In addition, all stairways must be illuminated.

It is important for contractors to make sure that the demolition of exterior walls and doors begins at the top of the structures and heads downwards, rather than going upwards. All roof cornices and ornamental stonework on buildings should be removed prior to pulling walls down, and employees are not permitted to work where structural collapse hazards exist unless they are corrected some way to reduce the danger.

Also, contractors need to make sure to shut off all electric, gas, water, and sewer services to a building that is going to be demolished before the process commences. If a contractor fails to observe the necessary safety measures prior to demolition, then this can result in serious injury for workers. If you are a demolition worker that was injured on the job because of a supervisor’s negligence then you may be able to seek compensation from your company. Talk to a New York workers’ compensation attorney at Katz, Leidman, Freund & Herman today.