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Court Rejects Facebook Photos in Workers’ Compensation Case

by | Feb 10, 2012 | Workers' Compensation

Social media is being used for much more than checking up on peoples’ statuses these days. It has been brought into courtrooms across the country, such as the court that is reviewing a case of workers’ compensation in Arkansas. The man at the center of the case, 27-year-old Z.C., suffered a hernia while on the job. His lawsuit states that he was seriously injured when a refrigerator fell on top of him. At the time, he was working at a warehouse showroom in Pine Bluff. While he was able to receive temporary total-benefits disability for over a year, he decided to sue his company when they denied him an extension of benefits.

As part of their rebuttal, the company showed pictures of the victim drinking and “partying” that had been posted on his Facebook account. While this stood in the lower court, an appeals court has overturned the right to use these pictures in future court proceedings. Do you have questions about workers’ compensation benefits and your eligibility? If so,
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