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Construction Worker Falls, Requires Emergency Care in Queens

by | Oct 9, 2020 | Construction Accidents

When construction teams are working, it’s very important that each and every person has the right personal protective equipment (PPE). If they don’t for some reason, then they could be badly hurt by falling, getting cut or burned or suffering some other kind of injury.

Take for example this case out of New York City in which a construction worker fell from an unfinished building. The worker was on the roof and fell to the 11th floor. According to the report, the worker lost his footing before falling at around 9:30 in the morning. It took the firefighters and emergency medical service technicians at the scene some time to help the man, who was trapped between two beams.

He was eventually able to descend down to the 10th floor where he could receive medical care. His injuries, while serious, were not expected to be life-threatening. The general contractor for the site is investigating the accident. It’s not clear why it occurred or if all safety procedures were being followed at the time. 

Were you hurt on the job?

Incidents like this are scary because they show how easy it is for someone to be badly hurt in a construction accident. Construction teams and their employers should always take fall-prevention steps to address dangerous situations and stop falls from occurring. If you are working in a situation like this one and fall, remember that you may be able to seek workers’ compensation or compensation as a third-party worker. Your injuries should be covered, so you can rest and recover without financial concerns.