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Common Equipment Malfunctions on Construction Worksites

by | May 23, 2022 | Construction Accidents

Construction sites can be enormously dangerous to those who toil on them. Individuals choosing to work in the industry put their lives at risk each day.

Equipment malfunctions sometimes cause serious injury. Thankfully, employees have workers’ compensation in the event of an onsite accident.

Mechanical failure

When building tools do not get adequate maintenance, there is a good chance they will wear out. With excess usage, there is the potential for misalignment. Either situation spells disaster. Worn brake pads could make it impossible to stop a rolling bulldozer. Loose connectors might cause a crane boom to come crashing down or swing in the wrong direction.

Thermal failure

Dig sites take time to complete. Thus, motorized tools get left outside overnight. Freezing temperatures cause fluids to solidify. Compromised excavators may not operate as the individual controlling them intends. Heat is as much a problem as the cold. High temperatures often lead to breakdowns. This is especially true for equipment that gets heavy usage during peak sunshine hours.

Manufacturing failure

Equipment manufacturers sometimes decide to save a few dollars by cutting corners. The consequences of this decision can be tragic. Imagine a construction worker using a nail gun that fires randomly. Less dramatic but equally important are protective elements. Forklifts, for instance, need restraint systems and backrest extensions to prevent back injuries.

Safety is the responsibility of everyone who works on a construction site. Despite being cautious, builders cannot protect themselves from improperly operating machinery. For those who do get hurt, workers’ compensation is available.