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Case Results: 2.3 Million Dollar Settlement for Anesthesia Accident

by | Sep 5, 2012 | Uncategorized

As a young mother, nothing is as important as your children. That is why we knew that we needed to fight hard for the young mom who came to our firm with a devastating case. She had allowed her child to undergo an elective surgery. Originally, the surgery seemed like an easy way to improve her young one’s health without too much fuss. She expected to have her child at home and recovering soon after the procedure. She never thought that the elective surgery could end up changing her life forever.

This loving mom was shocked when she discovered that her child had not come out of anesthesia after the surgery. When under anesthesia, a person is not aware of what is going on, will not remember the surgery that is happening, will not feel any pain, and will have totally relaxed muscles. As well, a person who is under anesthesia will lose fast reflexes. While anesthesia is generally a helpful way to keep a patient from feeling pain, there can be complications. Sometimes a nurse or doctor will fail to watch the vital signs, which are essential to monitoring how the anesthesia is affecting the body. Without careful attention, a person can succumb to the anesthesia, and fail to wake up when the surgery is complete.

In this situation, a young mother lost her child to the chemical, and was devastated to recognize that her young one would never wake up again. She sought compensation from the hospital, and we were able to help her reach a $2.3 million settlement. While we know that the money won’t satisfy her pain, we are thankful that this young mother was able to obtain financial comfort which could help her to cope with her devastating loss.