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Can You File a Claim for an Injury That Occurs During a Break?

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

A single injury can affect your ability to work as well as your entire livelihood, but your employee benefits provide financial coverage for incidents that occur at work. If you sustain an injury during a break or lunch period, it might not be clear if you can file a claim.

Your workers’ compensation benefits exist to provide assistance following an injury you receive during the course of work. In the event of an off-the-clock incident, it is important to understand what to do and how to determine if your injury is within the scope of workers’ compensation coverage.

What should you do when an injury occurs off the clock?

When an injury of any nature occurs, your first priority is to seek necessary medical treatment. The New York Workers’ Compensation Board also recommends providing a detailed report to an employer or supervisor. Even if you have concerns over not receiving compensation for an incident that occurs during a break, it is still important to explain the circumstances to eliminate the possibility of ambiguity that could undermine your case.

How can you prove that your injury is work-related?

Workers’ compensation, by definition, covers work-related injuries. Even if experience an accident during a break period, you may still receive compensation if occurs in the course of employment-related activities or if you are furthering your employer’s interests. Securing evidence or testimony on the matter is the best way to guarantee that you get the compensation you deserve.

Workers’ compensation claims can be sensitive issues for employees and employers alike. However, it is important that you assert your rights to receive benefits even if you think there is a chance your situation might not apply.