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Are Normal Glasses Good Eye Protection?

by | Oct 24, 2020 | Eye Injuries

Your boss knows that you’re supposed to wear eye protection on the job. However, you already wear prescription glasses to work every day. Your boss neglects to give you any eye protection and says you should be fine with the glasses that you have. Is this true, or are they putting you at risk?

While it could be argued that prescription glasses are better than none at all, they are generally not considered adequate from a safety standpoint. They just do not provide the level of protection that you need.

For instance, those who work around chemicals may need protection in case of a splash incident in which getting those chemicals in their eyes could cause serious harm. Splash tests have shown that normal eyewear protects the eyes far less effectively than safety glasses or splash goggles. The very best option is a full-face shield.

In short, your boss should not use your personal eye wear as an excuse not to give you proper safety equipment. You may feel safe, and it may appear that you’re wearing gear that is similar to the other employees, but your glasses were never designed with safety in mind. They were probably designed for fashion more than anything else. With something as delicate and important as your eyes, this is not the type of risk you want to take. The ramifications of an injury could change your life forever.

If you do get injured in an accident on the job, you need to know about all of the legal options you have.