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A Workplace Spinal Cord Injury May Become a Permanent Disability

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Industrial Accidents

Industrial workers may have generous compensation packages, but they often work with tools or in workplaces that bring increased accident risks. As described by, a regular workday may include the use of dangerous or heavy equipment.

Workplace accidents affecting the spinal cord may cause severe harm. According to the Mayo Clinic, permanent physiological changes often result from spinal cord injuries. Areas of the body below the injury site may no longer function or they may lose sensation or strength.

Falls account for the second most common cause of spinal cord injuries

Although vehicle accidents cause the majority of spinal cord injuries, the North American Spine Society Journal notes that falls reflect the second most common cause. More than a third of recorded spinal cord injuries result from falling from heights or from a standing height.

Spinal cord harm may not appear obvious at first. The Mayo Clinic advises that symptoms of a spinal cord injury after a fall could include balance problems, numbness in the extremities or back pain. If left untreated, the injury could worsen.

A spinal cord injury could become a life-altering event

A workplace injury could become a long-term or permanent disability. As noted by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, dealing with a spinal cord injury could become a challenging lifetime endeavor. An individual may no longer have the ability to work at his or her occupation, or it could become impossible to work at all. Workers’ comp benefits could cover the recovery costs and lost time from work. Benefits may also compensate for the required adjustments to a disabled lifestyle.

Although workers’ comp does not require proof of anyone’s fault in an on-the-job accident, a negligent individual or third party may have contributed. A harmed worker may have cause to file a personal injury suit to recover the full range of deserved compensation.