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Workplace Injury Rate Stays the Same in 2010

by | Sep 27, 2011 | Workers' Compensation

In Atlanta, Georgia, recent statistics released by researches show that work-related injuries have decreased in 2010. However, throughout the majority of the country, the number of on-the-job injuries held steady last year.

Recent data shows that in the city of Georgia, 82 fatal workplace injuries were reported in 2010. Back in 2009, the number was much higher with 110 injuries being reported.

Of the 82 cases reported:

  • 18 involved transportation accidents
  • 23 involved assaults or violent altercations
  • 16 involved equipment
  • 15 involved falls and trips
  • 6 involved exposure to dangerous environments or chemicals
  • 4 involved fires and explosions

Overall, in the year 2010, there were over 4,500 workplace injuries in the United States. Additionally, the rate of fatal work injuries for workers in the country was 3.5 per every 100,000 full-time employees. The rate was the same in 2009.

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