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Workplace Causes of Blindness

by | Mar 17, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Many types of traumas are legitimate claims for workers’ compensation. Severe conditions, such as blindness, are particularly valid.

Most do not understand how working conditions can contribute to vision troubles. A workplace accident attorney can argue why an employee deserves financial help.

Flying objects

Those who toil in factories and on construction sites are at risk of a blow from a loose object. An unfastened gear could come sailing toward an eyeball. Drilling might produce particles that float through the air and irritate corneas. Supervisors should know whether their sites present such dangers. If they do, protective goggles must be available to everyone.

Debilitating eyestrain

A less obvious peril is present to those who spend their weekdays in cubicles. Looking at computer screens strains eye muscles. Too much of this can lead to premature sight loss. Employers who do not allow breaks are contributors to computer vision syndrome.

Distressing head injuries

Blindness is possible when someone sustains a severe hit to the noggin. It takes a sharp blow to cause brain damage that impacts visual abilities. When it does happen, though, the effects are likely irreversible. All it takes is a slippery floor or loose structure to create an accident that ruins ocular nerves. This is why we have laws that public areas must display warning signs whenever a hazard is present.

Losing vision is traumatic. It is even more harrowing when the trigger is an avoidable incident. Those with knowledge can explain the reasons why someone is unable to see.