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Even a Chair Could Result in a Workplace Injury

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Workplace Injuries

You may think that your injury risk is rather low because you work in a New York office building. However, the truth is that you could still be in danger of getting hurt just by sitting on the chair in your office.

A rolling chair can be a hazard

A chair that sits on a number of wheels can move when you least expect it to. In some cases, the chair may move while your feet stay planted exactly where they are, and this can cause you to fall off the chair. There is also a chance that the chair will tip as it rolls, which can further enhance your risk of getting hurt while on the job. If you are hurt in a rolling chair workplace accident, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and other damages.

An improperly constructed chair can also be dangerous

If a chair is made from flimsy materials, it may not be able to handle your weight. The same may be true if it wasn’t properly put together. This type of office furniture may also collapse if it is not used properly. For example, if you place heavy objects on one of the arms, it could crack that component, which could destabilize the entire product.

Any object that you interact with while on the job could be a potential hazard. Therefore, it’s generally in your best interest to use products such as chairs or ladders in accordance with manufacturer instructions. Doing so may decrease the risk of getting hurt while taking routine actions such as sitting down to speak with a client or to work at your desk.